Passion for the health of our pets led us on a journey to discovering feeding raw meat and bones to our dogs and one willing cat. As we did more research and saw the difference in our pets, we wondered how we could ever have been so blinded and brain washed.

We know from scientific trials and  research that processed food lead to all forms of ailments, allergies, aging for our time and even cancer. Chemicals in our food and in our home environment is directly linked to causing cancer, yet we are willing to give our pets, processed , chemically preserved brown wheat based pellets promised by the supplier to be “balanced”

In our technology based lifestyles and sanitised homes its almost inconceivable for us to think that our pets should get raw bloody meat, but how quickly we have forgotten that our pets originated from the wild and not so long ago were domesticated from wolves and wild cats. Predators who kill, rip and tear their prey.

As the only voice for our pets, we need to start to actively read labels and do research and take back the responsibility for the health of our pets. If we don’t fight for them, who will?





Since moving my dogs to Raw Necessities food, my dogs health has improved massively. Their coats are shiny, their teeth stay clean and their breath never smells, and their poos are small and non-smelly. My older dogs arthritis has dissapeared and another ones food related ear allergies are gone. They are all lean, have oodels of energy, and I am regularly complimented on how healthy they look.

Jonathan Vincent