What is Raw Necessities?

Raw Necessities provides Species Appropriate Raw Food for dogs and cats.

Our products are high quality, human grade and sourced from registered abattoirs.

Is a Raw Diet more expensive?

More expensive than your supermarket and Co-op brands but should work out to be the same price or slightly higher than your prescription diets. The trade off is that you are feeding what you pay for i.e. pellet-fed stools are mounds of undigested fillers vs raw fed stools that are small well-formed that gradually crumble up and disappear.  And of course, raw fed dogs get food that are preservative and chemical free, and this is reflected in their health

How do I feed Raw Necessities products?

Defrost as you would the meat you feed your family. Do not use a microwave. Empty in bowl or on the lawn. If feeding meaty bones, its always to keep an eye on your dog/s especially if you have recently started raw feeding.

Can I mix raw and pellets together?

On raw food the ph of the stomach drops to between 1 and 2. This highly acidic environment is made to destroy bacteria and easily digest bones.

When you feed pellets the stomach is more alkaline so not as geared to digest bones and not geared to destroy bacteria.

Some people have successfully fed raw and pellets successfully for years. Others not. The choice is yours.


Aren’t bones harmful?

Non-weight bearing raw meaty bones are fine to feed and provide good teeth cleaning opportunity

Avoid cooked bones, smoked costs as these become brittle and can cause internal injury

Avoid weight bearing bones, marrow bones (smooth, hollow bones) are hard and break teeth. The bone is not digested and look like shards of china when it come out the other end.

Will raw feeding make my dog more aggressive?

No more than eating biltong will make you aggressive. No, in fact research has shown that dogs are calmer on raw and less hyperactive.

How do I start on a raw feeding diet?

Please read our ready to feed raw section