Benefits of feeding Raw


  • Clean, fresh breath
  • Clean, shiny, white teeth
  • More energy (‘acting like a puppy again’) and/or more stable energy (no hyperactivity)
  • Softer, shinier coat
  • No doggy odor to their coat
  • Firmer, more muscled body that is not ‘doughy’ like their pellet-fed counterparts
  • Decreased itching and scratching
  • Better weight maintenance
  • Overall better health (evidenced by less trips to the vet and less money spent on vet bills)
  • Smaller, almost odorless poops that are quick to decompose
  • Stronger immune system

A pellet-fed dogs, while exhibiting a soft, shiny coat and a seemingly healthy body will often still exhibit the following:

  • Dog breath (rancidity and smell may vary)
  • Stained teeth, tartar covered teeth, or teeth encrusted with calculus
  • Periodontal disease (85% of pellet-fed dogs over the age of 3 have this)
  • Itchy skin Doggy odor to coat (varies in intensity)
  • Body is flaccid and may feel soft or ‘doughy’ to the touch, despite dog maintaining the proper weight
  • Large poops relative to body size that do not decompose quickly 
  • Greasy feel to the coat 
  • Premature aging caused by periodontal disease and immune system ‘overload’ (immune system is constantly working against the toxins pouring into the body from the mouth and is in a constant state of arousal; Dr Tom Lonsdale  Raw Meaty Bones )


My 2 yr old Malinois had very little muscle compared to other K9’s his age. After 3 months on the  Raw Necessities raw food, his muscles in his hindlegs have more than doubled. His back and shoulders very clear definition, making him a faster and harder hitting K9 during civil protection work which is essential for a working dog.

Tommy Joubert