Some of Our Raw Feeding Clients and Testimonials

Our clients (pets) and their owners combined with quality food ensuring healthy and happy pets and owners are what is important to us.

Raw Necessities was not started as a business but as a passion which grew into a business due to friends and family agreeing that the Raw diet is the way to go.

Below are some of our clients and testimonials from their owners, one thing that is certain is that all our pet owners tell us if their dogs could talk then this page will be full of very satisfied and grateful text.

Testimonial from Madenia

I have been feeding Mika a raw diet of free range chicken carcasses, stomachs, necks and the occasional red meaty bone( all RAW , cooked bones splinter and are harmfull).

She has been thriving and has even calmed down(natural food does not contain ingredients leading to hyperactivity as some commercial foods do).
And it costs me less (I spend about R400 per month compared to R600 to feed a 34kg active dog) and vet bills saving (spent R400 for a cortisone injection and antihistamine for a hot spot she developed in December- since she has been on raw it has completely healed)

Other benefits that we have experienced are as follows:

  • Eating is stimulating and exercises her jaws and cleans her teeth
  • She is less prone to having fleas or ticks, we don’t frontline anymore
  • Her poop is less and harldy smells
  • She smells better, no doggy breath
  • Her coat is soft and no more hot spots
  • We don’t have to worry about her getting enough nutrients or worry about dog food recalls
  • We get all our food from Raw necessities, its clean, packaged neatly and delivered to our home.

Please have a read through it you will be shocked to learn how detrimental these foods can be, also read Dr. Lonsdale’s email below he has a link to a website that actually lists about 450 of the ingredients found in commercial pet food and rates them from how good they are to how bad they are, for those who are feeding commercial it will help you to read the label and actually understand what’s going into your pets body.

I hope you will take some time to do some research of your own, the information is freely available on the net. At the end of the day for most of us our pets are a constant part of our lives, our companions, friends, protectors and guardians of our homes.

So please take some time to learn about Raw feeding, even just starting with one raw meal per week will make a difference.

Love Madenia x


Testimonial Annemarie

Compared to previous raw food deliveries for my dogs I would like to commend the quality of the meat which you access for, and deliver to us.

My three dogs (one of which last week sadly died - of old age here in Kleinmond) love every bit of the selection of chicken carcasses, liver, gizzards and off-cuts and I'm sure that the old dog lived as long as she did because of the quality of the free range meat you were able to provide. My two cats also enthusiastically yowl for bits and pieces.