Natural, Organic, Holistic Dog Food

Natural, Organic, Holistic are the three words on the lips of every health conscious person around the globe, pertaining to foods and their environment. Listed below are the definitions of each word and an overview of how Raw Necessities dog food products relate to these definitions.

Natural - Existing in or produced by nature; not artificial or imitation

Organic - Of or relating to foodstuff grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones

Holistic - Emphasizing the organic or functional relation between parts and the whole, overall health.

Natural - Dog Food and Diet

Our pet products are COMPLETELY NATURAL as produced by nature, whole pieces of raw meaty bones as nature intended for Carnivores to eat. It is very important for cats and dogs to eat whole pieces of raw meat and bones as this will keep their teeth and gums clean and in turn healthy. By tearing, ripping and biting, carnivores wash, scrub and polish their teeth and gums. Gum or Periodontal disease is an increasing problem for vets (more than 70% of dogs on commercial kibble over the age of three years suffer from gum disease) and this has a knock on effect, deteriorating the health of other organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and immune system) and in turn the whole body. Raw minced pet foods which although healthy do not assist in cleaning the teeth and gums. Commercial Unnatural dog food cause a build up of oral bacteria, resulting in bad breath and bacterial poisons.

Natural as designed by nature for our pets best health, no manipulating, adding or taking away of any properties of our products, are what we at Raw Necessities stand for, try it, we guarantee that you will see the change and results in your pets.

Organic - Quality Pet Food and Nutrition

This is a very important word at Raw Necessities as we firmly believe that hormones, pesticides, chemicals etc has a direct impact on the health of humans and their pets. We take care to source human grade food from reputable sources while putting the emphasis on quality of our meat products, all our chicken are ONLY FREE RANGE and in our case this means our chicken products are Hormone free, No Animal by Products or Fish Meal, Anti Biotic Growth Promoter Free, Raised Humanely with access to a natural diet, sunlight and enough space.

Holistic - Pet Nutrition

Our dog food diet are Holistic due to it providing the overall nutritional needs for Carnivores, here the emphasis is on RAW MEATY BONES and ORGAN MEAT which provide a carnivore with the full range of Proteins (Complete Amino Acids), Fats, Minerals, Vitamins and Trace Elements from the Natural Raw Diet. Cooked and Processed foods do not supply the complete nutrition needs as cooking and processing meat with heat destroys much of the enzymes and beneficial bacteria needed by a carnivore for optimal health.

Feeding an Organic, Natural, unprocessed and unaltered raw diet to your dogs and cats ensures their optimal health in all facets, from clean healthy teeth and gums to the health of all organs and a strong immune system which helps repair and recycle worn body parts but even more importantly ensures that the body is healthy overall, giving it the best possible defense against all kinds of disease.


Raw Necessities supplies and delivers Free-Range chicken products of human grade quality to pet owners and their pets in the greater Cape Town area.