Raw Feeding Video

A short raw feeding video, feeding pork carcasses

Raw Diet and Aggressiveness / Killing

Dogs and Chickens FriendsThere is a general misconception that feeding dog’s raw food can make your animal more aggressive and give them the taste of raw meat which causes them to kill other animals or even bite humans.

Paradise is not without its ticks

In May last year we moved from suburbia to a cottage on a horse farm. With the open landscape, horses and pairing falcons included in the bargain were ticks. We were finding ticks on the dogs at an alarming rate, despite being assured by the previous tenant that the ticks were only a problem when walking in the veld. I had seen in the past that reputable spot on chemical treatments did not work in minimising ticks and there have been so many reports in the US on the danger of spot on treatments that I was reluctant to go down that road.

Why we dont recommend the BARF diet

Let me start by applauding pet owners who have switched from commercial pet food to BARF as your dogs are already much better off than they where on commercial pet food but there is still plenty room for improvement.

BARF - Born Again Raw Feeders or the actual definition is Vomit

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